Meet the Team: Jim Molloy, Training & Competency Senior Account Executive

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Assuring your workforce competency
Jim Molloy has more than 25 years of experience in training development and delivery; this includes eLearning, learning management systems, competence assurance, and the digital transformation of training and competence processes.

For Jim, the impact a robust learning and competency process has on the safety, performance, and reliability of the workforce is undeniable.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970 deems employers responsible for training workers to prevent injuries and illnesses. The U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Management requires workers on operating assets to be trained and competent at a facility-specific level. This means that every operating asset should have a fit-for-purpose program in place to assure the competence of its workforce.

Technology has helped to revolutionize how competence is managed, driving huge improvements in safety and operational competency, and significantly reducing the administrative burden of managing this for organizations.

For the industry, by the industry

For the past decade, Jim and his team have focused on supporting their clients’ workforce competency – across both onshore and offshore energy assets – by digitally transforming their competency assurance processes.

Key to this is the deployment of their competency consultancy expertise, digital training capabilities, including custom and library eLearning courses, and software. The eLearning library has over 350 courses covering regulatory safety, technical, and professional skills. At the core of the offering is a learning and competency software platform, SkillsVX. This allows users to complete training modules offline, then synchronize progress when a stable internet connection is available. But this is just one element of the SkillsVX functionality. Designed specifically for safety-critical sectors, it also facilitates the mapping, management, and tracking of all workforce learning and competency.

Jim explains; “Many organizations are still managing training using paper sign-in sheets and training matrixes published on excel spreadsheets. By digitally transforming an organization’s training and competence processes, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of learning programs. One client has estimated they have saved $4MM annually by implementing our solution”. He continues, “Our solutions provide a macro view at an organizational level while offering the individual employee a view of their learning requirements and progress on the path to competence”.

To assure our competency management system (CMS) is fit for purpose it is audited annually by the Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization (OPITO).

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