Maintaining Integrity Through a Downturn

Efrain Lujan staff

Raised in Monahans, Texas, I began in the oilfield at the age of 17. In 2009, I met Jason and Ron while working in the field, and they offered me a job working with W&W as a roustabout pusher. Since then, I have worked my way to becoming Texas operations manager. I’m proud to have been a part of the growth of our Monahans and Midland locations by overseeing field supervisors and hundreds of field employees. My responsibility is to ensure that everything is running safely and smoothly and that customers are happy. I further assist with customer appreciation by providing luncheons out in the field for employees.

In my tenure at W&W, I have weathered two oil busts – with this year being my third. Each experience has been unique, but 2020 has been the roughest. During the first bust, we were able to work through it and did not feel much of the downturn. The second bust, however, we lost hours and had to push hard to make sure we were showing our customers our good work ethic – despite our financial struggles. This year, we’ve endured the most challenging obstacles and decisions, all while working to uphold our commitment to company culture and exceptional service.

Throughout the booms and busts, we’ve been able to continuously provide work excellence, safety in the field, resilience and determination to ensure our customers know they are our priority. I strive to guarantee my field supervisors and field workers feel appreciated and needed as much as possible.

My main goal: Make the customer happy and get the work done, so we can all go home safely.

Efrain Lujan
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